The Village Project began in 2006, as an all volunteer run summer lunch program, co-sponsored by DCYF. The DCYF sponsored a free summer lunch program. After identifying further needs of the community,the program has evolved to include an after school academic program and a summer enrichment camp. The project provides public and co-operative housing residents with positive activities and events for the “Village Kids” and their families. Organizing has focused on community safety issues with family oriented activities.

The project’s activities have been recognized by:

  • Public Housing Residents, MONS, MOCJ, SFPD,
  • DCYF, S.F. Post, S.F. Examiner, S.F. Chronicle, Western Edition,
  • Sentinel, WAFRC, State Assembly, State Senate, CBO’s and Harlem West Magazine

The project has received awards from:

  • The San Francisco Board of Supervisors
  • The San Francisco Police Department
  • The Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services
  • The Department of Children Youth & Families
  • State Assemblyman Mark Leno
  • State Senator Carol Migden
  • SF Public Library

Adrian Williams, the Project’s Founder and Director has received awards including:

  • An “Unsung Hero” award from the
  • San Francisco Public Library.
  • Proclamations from Mayor Gavin Newsom
  • That October 5th, 2006 was “Adrian Williams Day”
  • in San Francisco
  • That December 26th will be declared the first day of Kwanzaa
  • That March 9th, 2008 be declared
  • Mardi Gras San Francisco Style