Mardi Gras San Francisco Style

The goal of Mardi Gras, San Francisco Style is to build cultural awareness among all segments of San Francisco’s community.  Hailing from Louisiana, the Executive Director of the Village Project, Adrian Williams has shared a little history of her home state, producing this event for 9 years. The Village Project has brought together the residents, artists and small business owners of the Western Addition, with a focus on the Fillmore’s commercial corridor and the neighborhood’s rich history of blues and jazz.  Like all of our programs, the project reflects our deep roots in African American music and culture.

Mardi Gras, San Francisco Style opens with a free blues concert at 5 pm in the Fillmore Center Plaza, where Pat (Lady Guiltar) Wilder, is followed by a New Orleans style processional, led by The St. Gabriel Brass Band and  SumbaFunk!.  The festivities continue  with a masquerade ball at the West Bay Conference Center at 8 pm, where The West Coast Blues Society will perform some California style blues. Fat Tuesday in the Fillmore will again bring San Francisco’s historic Fillmore Music District to life with rhythm & blues, a colorful family friendly carnival atmosphere,  along with face painting, street artists and performers 

Adrian Williams
Executive Director

Kwanzaa 2015-16

Mardi Gras *Fat Tuesday* in the Fillmore